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There should be a formal annual assessment of the effectiveness of the Board as a whole and its board committees and the contribution by each director to the effectiveness of the Board.

For any group to be effective and improve, appropriate feedback on strengths and areas for improvement is critical. A formal process of annually assessing the effectiveness of the Board and its directors helps the Board to determine how it can be structured and function better so that it can, and continue to be an effective Board.

To this end, guidance is provided on:

  • The assessment process for the Board, the Board Committees and each director (Guideline 5.1).
  • The performance criteria for evaluation of the Board (Guideline 5.2).
  • The performance evaluation of each individual director (Guideline 5.3).


Guideline 5.1

Every Board should implement a process to be carried out by the NC for assessing the effectiveness of the Board as a whole and its board committees and for assessing the contribution by the Chairman and each individual director to the effectiveness of the Board. The Board should state in the company's Annual Report how the assessment of the Board, its board committees and each director has been conducted. If an external facilitator has been used, the Board should disclose in the company's Annual Report whether the external facilitator has any other connection with the company or any of its directors. This assessment process should be disclosed in the company's Annual Report.

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Guideline 5.2

The NC should decide how the Board's performance may be evaluated and propose objective performance criteria. Such performance criteria, which allow for comparison with industry peers, should be approved by the Board and address how the Board has enhanced long-term shareholder value. These performance criteria should not be changed from year to year, and where circumstances deem it necessary for any of the criteria to be changed, the onus should be on the Board to justify this decision.

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Guideline 5.3

Individual evaluation should aim to assess whether each director continues to contribute effectively and demonstrate commitment to the role (including commitment of time for meetings of the Board and board committees, and any other duties). The Chairman should act on the results of the performance evaluation, and, in consultation with the NC, propose, where appropriate, new members to be appointed to the Board or seek the resignation of directors.

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